In 2012, while the new structures of 5G telecommunications technologies were being created, Arturo Campos Fentanes obtained some variants in the electromagnetic field equations that allow him to think about the data transmission through the visible light spectra and not visible. With the theoretical data, Arturo Campos decides to bring together a group of brilliant Mexican scientists to create the first prototypes and thereby materialize the project.


For several years Arturo created, modified and improved several prototypes that allowed him to show LiFi in demonstrations, interviews and notes about his improvements in Mexico and Spain, and since every causal event tends to gather all the parts together, in 2018 Arturo Campos and Roberto Ramos Casas decide to formalize GIGALIFI, a 100% Mexican company, leader in technological research in LATAM.


GIGALIFI believes that access to information is a human right, that is why we try to innovate in the world's telecommunications, providing quality and commitment in the creation of technology, working with honesty and responsibility with the environment.


Mision & Vision

Mission: Provide access to information to any human being anywhere on the planet, through elements close to their environment, such as light infrastructures.

Vision: At GIGALIFI we look for constant technological innovations, taking the mind beyond the limits of everyday life and always acting in favor of human and scientific progress, firmly aspiring to be the number 1 LiFi company in LATAM.



CEO. Roberto J. Ramos Casas


President and CEO.

CSO. Arturo Campos Fentanes


Scientific Director

M.Sc. Gerardo Hernández Oregon


Telecommunications leader.


Eng. Omar Juárez González


Leader of automated systems and process creation.

M.Sc. Jorge E. Coyac Torres


Leader in computer engineering.

Eng. Pedro O. Rosas Calderón


Electronics leader.

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