• 2012

    Start of investigations regarding the transmission of data through LED light, LiFi, by Arturo Campos
  • 2014

    First patent application entry
  • 2015

    Obtainment of the first seed capital fund
  • 2015-2017

    Prototype testing
  • 2018

    2018 GiGaLiFi Incorporation
  • 2018

    We became part of the IEEE Standard technical team

About us

GiGaLiFi is integrated by brilliant Scientists of multiple generations where the experience of the oldest and the boldness of the youngest create the greatest value for the development of disruptive technologies.

GiGaLiFi uses Light Fidelity, LiFi is a telecommunications technology that turns light into a service, making a LED spotlight into a transmitter of information such as data, voice and video. Thus, visible light becomes an ideal medium for Internet transmission while reducing exposure to radiofrequency.

GiGaLiFi has developed and produced devices that implement communication methods through the visible light spectrum which are functional.

Board Members


Chairman of the Board

gigalifi chairman of board

Lead Angel Investor and Chairman of the Board at GiGaLiFi, responsible for the company’s current success on the strategic, legal and organizational level.
Serial entrepreneur, Certified Mexican Customs Agent with lifetime experience in trade, leadership, team building. He studied Economy complemented with hands on trade experience in Hamburg, Germany. He has founded several companies and sold investments with a profit. Experience in founding and managing companies in China and Hong Kong, technology oriented, invested in blockchain and mass market startups.


Corporate Director

gigalifi corporate director

Guy G. Beaudry is a seasoned senior executive and professional with deep domain expertise in M&A, corporate affairs, public affairs, institutional affairs, legal affairs, strategic planning, communications and corporate governance. He is currently a member of the board of technology-related companies in Canada and abroad.
He founded The Cabinet in 2005, a strategic and transactional advisory firm. Previously, Guy held several senior executive and officer roles, including Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs & Chief Planning Officer of Canada’s Business Development Bank (BDC), Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Member of the President’s Office of one of Canada’s largest cable/telecom operator Groupe Videotron, Managing Director of Videotron Broadband Ventures (in Silicon Valley) and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Wireless Holdings, a Groupe Videotron unit (also in Silicon Valley).
Guy graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Montreal with a Bachelors Degree in Law (LL.B.) and was a member of the Bar of the Province of Québec until 2016. Guy is one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 (Class of 1997) as selected by the Canadian business community.



gigalifi ceo 2

Leading the company and bringing in the management team to execute the proposed strategy.
Independent Board Member, Entreprenuer, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business Advisor. Experience of four decades in planning, business models, reengineering and change, valuation and sale of companies, sales strategy, marketing, finance and operation, acquired in McKinsey, PWC, Citibank. Over 100 successful M&A and Consulting deals completed. Founder of AxionCap in 1995.
MBA The Wharton School, ME ITAM, Mechanical Electric Engineering Universidad Iberoamericana.


Chief Scientist

chief scientist gigalifi

Arturo Campos as the Chief Scientist is the intellectual leader of GiGaLiFi, in charge of developing, establishing and proving LiFi technology. Also, in charge of filling for patents and leading GiGaLiFi’s participation within the IEEE committee for establishing worldwide standards for LiFi usage.
Arturo holds a degree in Mathematics from the UNAM and has various higher education certificates, with more than 7 years in the research and development of VLC technology. He has filed for LiFi patents since 2014, continuing to further develop these patents and building prototypes to attest to their functionality.




LiFi can be 100X faster than WiFi, and can upload and download data at the same high speed.



The connection can’t be hacked without being exposed to the LiFi light signal.



Light does not generate radiation and requires less energy.



LiFi can transmit data under water while WiFi radiofrequency cannot.


The demand for electronic devices connected to Internet (based on the transmission of data by cable and radio waves) and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) are so great already that the radioelectric spectrum will be soon saturated. Our logical solution to this saturation and overlapping of information is LiFi transmission.

LiFi devices, with enabled LEDs, illuminate, send and receive information (data, sound & video) without WiFi radiofrequency emission risk. These devices, cutting edge technology based, already comply with the standards which are currently being considered as the first sketches towards a worldwide IEEE specification.

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